Senior profile: Phebe Hammond


Ella Davies

Art by Elena Sherwood. Picture of Phebe Hammond, senior, working her shift at Kaldi’s in Kirkwood.

Walking into work, the smell of roasting espresso beans fills her nose. Phebe Hammond used to bike to Kaldi’s when she was younger to get pastries and coffee; now she has been working there for over two years. 

Hammond said she is ‘totally obsessed’ with her job and the people she works with. Learning about different options after high school from her colleagues who have already been through the transition from high school to college inspired her to do what she thinks is best taking a gap year.

There is no shame in going to community college.

— Rachel Cosic

“There is a lot of pressure on kids to have everything planned out by the time they [graduate],” Rachel Cosic, KHS senior counselor, said. “Everyone should take a gap year if that is what they need to figure out their next step in life.” 

According to Cosic, if more kids took a gap year, society would have happier people because they would not be stuck with a career they chose at 18. After her gap year, Hammond plans on going to community college at Meramec to take general education classes and then attend Webster University

“I’ve always wanted to stay local,” Hammond said. “There is no shame in going to community college.” 

Ceci Escudero, senior and friend, said Hammond is sociable, friendly and hard-working. Hammond said she is using her year off school to travel with friends.

There is nothing in college next year that won’t be there the year after.

— Phebe Hammond

“I am going to work full time and save money,” Hammond said. “There is nothing in college next year that won’t be there the year after.” 

Hammond already has money saved and hopes to move into her own space. She wants others to know it is okay to not know what you want to do and where you want to go straight out of high school. 

”Taking time and being with your friends is important,” Hammond said. “I’m really pumped for next year.”