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KHS students recognized at Youth and Government’s Clark Convention

KHS MOYAG participants pose for a group photo following the annual YAG mixer.

Emma Lingo, editor-in-chief

December 7, 2019

KHS’s Missouri Youth and Government (MOYAG) club attended the annual Clark Convention in Jefferson City, Mo. where students participated in mock trials, passed mock legislation, held leadership positions and ran for office from Dec. 4-7. Thora Pearson, senior, led this year’s convention as Missour...

Is your house haunted?

The only logical explanation for what happened is that your home is haunted.

Kailey Shirrell, opinions writer

October 8, 2019

This piece is entirely satirical. It’s a dark and scary October night. Thunder and lightning shake the foundation of your historic home. Lights flicker on and off and suddenly your ceiling light falls right where you were standing. You feel a cool breeze brush by you. What could possibly be the e...

Mini House Libraries Around Kirkwood

Mini House Libraries Around Kirkwood

Catherine McCandless, artist

September 17, 2018

This is a map of all the little libraries you might have seen in people’s houses around Kirkwood. Just bring a book you don’t read anymore to exchange, and see if there’s a book you want to read. If you find one, swap it with the book you brought. I see these libraries all over Kirkwood in peopl...

Missouri candidates for National Congressional election

Missouri candidates for National Congressional election

Kate Hennessey, sports writer

October 25, 2016

  Each state includes two representatives for Senate. Only one seat is open for election this year. In the House of Representatives, the only districts included are 1 and 2, as those are the only districts KHS students live in. All candidates included are from the two main parties, Democratic or ...

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