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Don’t wait, vaccinate

Don’t wait, vaccinate

Maddie Meyers, web managing editor

February 23, 2019

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Recently, many diseases from decades ago are returning because people are not getting vaccinated. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), "outbreaks of vaccine-preventable diseases can and do still happen in communities across the U.S." People who don't vaccinate not on...

VOK: behind the scenes workers at KHS

VOK: behind the scenes workers at KHS

Hannah Cohen, Will Drury, Jack Rintoul, and Melanie Witt

December 21, 2016

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Aimee Pullen, SSD area coordinator TKC: What is your favorite part about working at Kirkwood? “I would have to say my favorite part [of working at Kirkwood] is the feeling of inclusiveness, teamwork and collaboration throughout the school. I see the collaboration, not just with the administrative...

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