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VOK: inside the KHS library Q&A

VOK: inside the KHS library Q&A

Jane Stewart, Kate Hennessey, Audrey Berns, Ava Hughes, and Michael Galakatos

December 15, 2016

Audrey Berns TKC interviewed Janet Mees Reinert, librarian, about student involvement with the KHS library.   TKC: How long have you been working at Kirkwood as a librarian? “This is my second year as a librarian. I was a social studies teacher for a long time, I started way back in ...

KHS reacts to the scare cam

Justin Sweeney, Chloë King, and Michael Teasdale

March 10, 2016

Michael Teasdale, Justin Sweeney and Chloë King terrify KHS students for the scare cam. Background: After bringing pairs of participants into the studio, we told them that we would be having them react to different bits of social media. To their surprise, in the middle of their video, the lights...

VOK: 1.22

VOK: 1.22

Emma McNail, Kate Hennessey, Audrey Kelly, and Daniel Paese

January 22, 2016

Daniel Paese "What's one of the weirdest things you've seen?" “We see a lot of different stuff everyday, good things and bad things. One time I cleaned up poop.” - Mercedes Williams Daniel Paese "What kind of advice would you give to a large group of people?" “Be kind to each other and treat...

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