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If you were a teacher, what kind would you be?

Katie Hall, math teacher, teaches algebra to sophomores and freshman.
Ava Duggin, features writer October 3, 2019
From the kind that plays early 2000’s pop songs while your working on your math packet to the one that everyone is praying will retire, take this quiz to find out what kind of teacher you would be.

Orange you glad you have an Apple TV?

Orange you glad you have an Apple TV?
Jonathan Munroe, news writer August 28, 2018

Apple TVs are the newest line of technology introduced to KHS classrooms. The equipment includes a 70 inch Sony flat screen, an Apple TV and a rolling cart to which the TV is mounted. That comes to a total...

The family in our faculty

The family in our faculty
Jonathan Munroe, news-features writer April 24, 2018

For some KHS teachers, faculty means friendship. But for four staff members, faculty means family. Katie Hall, math teacher and Kirkwood graduate of 1999, and Lucas Ravenscraft, social studies teacher...

Photo gallery: photo spread issue 3

Photo gallery: photo spread issue 3
Audrey Berns, Abbey Painter, Zac Clingenpeel, and Mary Frizell January 19, 2018

TKC's Issue 3 photo spread, "Teacher Tunes", showcased many KHS teachers recreating popular album covers.

KHS teachers react to Snapchat

Maisie Bradley, sports writer September 7, 2016

94 percent (100/106) of KHS students surveyed have used Snapchat, but only 34 percent (14/41) of KHS teachers surveyed have. TKC decided to see how teachers react to Snapchat for the first time.

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