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Garmin devices distributed to online PE students

Photo by Lydia Cohen.

Lydia Cohen, web staff

January 11, 2019

Kelly Nevins, virtual learning coordinator, passed out exercise tracking devices from her office in the Pride Center Wednesday, Jan. 9. These Garmin devices were given to students enrolled in online physical fitness to record the time they spend active through tracking their heart rate. Students turn...

Top five in-depth stories of 2018

art by Maggie Burton

TKC Staff

December 26, 2018

TKC in-depth team took 2018 to cover new changes and old patterns. We featured everything from staff diversity and STL's opioid epidemic to new programs like No Homework weekends and LAUNCH. Below are in-depth's best pieces that embody 2018. Diversity -Thomas Birmingham, Logan Crews, and Jack Rint...

Opportunity for online physical education

Opportunity for online physical education

Logan Crews, editor-in-chief

November 30, 2018

Missouri Senate Bill 603 created Missouri Course Access and Virtual School Program June 1 this summer. Launch, KHS’ new virtual education system, fits the requirements of this new Missouri law better than the previous system, Odysseyware. Students have had the opportunity first semester to enroll in onl...

Open to online

Liam Jackson, copy editor

August 28, 2018

Every winter, the auditorium fills with hundreds of students. The time has come for them to pick new classes, and counselors take the stage to repeat the list of 24 credits required for graduation. With only seven class periods in a day, many students have to choose between taking classes they enjoy and c...



Charlotte Heinrich, features + in-depth editor

August 27, 2018

A shiny pack of black ballpoint pens, some crisp looseleaf and maybe even a new backpack if mom is feeling generous. As morning alarms are dialed back from 10 a.m. to 6 a.m, items like these drop into shopping carts as a part of the annual back-to-school ritual. Similarly, KHS has done some shopping...

Keep it in the classroom

Jack Rintoul, editor-in-chief

August 27, 2018

Online classes have the chance to change the education landscape at KHS in a massive way. In some ways good: it can create a way for students to get ahead and squeeze in that IP, which can lead to less stress both in and out of the classroom. For any students who find themselves out sick and missing s...

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