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VOK: music through the halls of KHS

VOK: music through the halls of KHS

Kara Rieger, Jack Wever, Ellie Cassidy, and Lindsay Huck

December 20, 2016

TKC went around Kirkwood and discussed music interests within the school.

VOK: 1.29

VOK: 1.29

Christian Heutel, Lindsay Huck, Kennady Wade, Ethan Cost, and Shae Look

January 29, 2016

Lindsay Huck Cara: “We met at a Kirkwood football game. I was a senior and he had already graduated, and were married in ‘83." TKC: What was your first thought when you met? Jeff: “What a babe.” Lindsay Huck “[The happiest moment of my life] was when I got my masters degree in counseling....

Worker bees at 15

Lindsay Huck and Ali Randazzo

September 17, 2014

As soon as the bell rings, students zip up their backpacks and trample each other to promptly get to their extracurricular activity. Some go to sports practices, clubs, get help from teachers and some head to work. For freshman and sophomores, finding a job can be tricky due to child labor laws. Having...

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Lindsay Huck