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Your makeup can be more harmful than you would think.

What makes up your makeup

Caroline Darr, opinions writer March 25, 2024

Imagine using a shampoo that seems perfect in every way: it helps your hair feel perfectly clean, smells like spring and doesn’t cost you much. Years later, you find out that that very product contains...

Makeup tutorial (24 hours issue)

Khadija Khan, copy editor April 7, 2023

Ella Stauder, senior, is a hair, nail and makeup artist who is studying cosmetology at South Tech High School.

She’s got skills

Khadija Khan, copy editor November 2, 2022

Adding the finishing touches to her client’s hair, Ella Stauder, senior, stepped back, pleased with her work. Freshly cut locks of hair decorated the floor, and she watched the woman’s face light up...

Start with your face makeup. You can use as much or as little as you want. I used concealer, powder, bronzer, blush and highlighter.

Photo Gallery: Glam rock makeup tutorial

Annie George and Coco LeGrand March 3, 2022

From the Rock & Roll section of the Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll issue of The Kirkwood Call, we have a bold glam rock makeup tutorial for you to try at your next big event. Whether you're going to...

This picture shows how the intake of drugs may be use because they make people seem more happy.

Photo Gallery: Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll

Tess Hubbbard, photographer March 3, 2022

The Kirkwood Call's 8th issue drops today, Thursday, March 3 and you can pick up your copy at the Dougherty Ferry and Essex entrance before school and find it in the TKC stands around the school. Here...

Hair and makeup can be hard to figure out but if you have a plan you can look amazing

Hair and makeup ideas

Rachel Finan and Aine Bradley November 4, 2021

Always test out the makeup look and hairstyle you want to wear to homecoming so you have time to try something new if you don't like it. Remember that you will be moving around a lot so you will want to...

With homecoming coming up this Saturday, read TKCs advice about the big night.

Where to get your outfit

Rachel Finan and Aine Bradley November 4, 2021

From a simple-strappy dress to suits in an endless color selection, the options for homecoming outfits are endless. With the KHS Friendship Dance being one of the latest homecomings of high schools, it...

photo by Kara Rieger

TKC tries blind makeovers

Annie O'Brien, health and wellness editor February 26, 2019

Music by

Senior Profiles: Zoe Risch

Senior Profiles: Zoe Risch

Charlotte Heinrich, features writer May 3, 2018

In a purple bedroom, pop music plays while one sister teachs makeup to the other. Giggles fill the room as Mary Kay samples are smeared on. Like many pre-teens, older sister Zoe, had recently become enveloped...

Universal Beauty

Universal Beauty

Izzy Colón, news-features writer February 23, 2017

Run out of foundation just before a big event? Most women can go to Walgreens and pick up a shade that works, but for some, particularly women of color like Camryn Howe, sophomore, it is not that simple....

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