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TKC testifies in support of Cronkite New Voices Act

Jack Rintoul, TKC editor-in-chief, testifies in favor of the New Voices bill.

Maddie Meyers, web managing editor

February 7, 2019

Jack Rintoul, TKC editor-in-chief, and Mitch Eden, TKC adviser, testified, Wed., Feb. 6 in Jefferson City in favor of the Cronkite New Voices Act. The New Voices Act overturns Hazelwood School District v. Kuhlmeier which stated school administrators can exercise prior review on school-sponsored expression. New Voices would protect student journalists from adminis...

Students head to Jefferson City for new voices hearing

Students head to Jefferson City for new voices hearing

Jack Rintoul, entertainment editor

January 17, 2018

KHS Journalism Adviser, Mitch Eden, and three KHS students will be traveling to Jefferson City to support the Cronkite New Voices Act on Wednesday Jan. 17, 2018. The act, which will be looking to pass through Missouri Legislature for the third consecutive year, prevents high school administrations fr...

TKC through the ages

TKC through the ages

Thomas Birmingham, news writer

October 6, 2016

For the many members of the KHS community who are unfamiliar with our history, this is a timeline highlighting the issues, advisors, and awards that have made our publication into what it is today. Here are the headlines and most important moments in the 99 year life of The Kirkwood Call.

KHS reacts to the scare cam

Justin Sweeney, Chloë King, and Michael Teasdale

March 10, 2016

Michael Teasdale, Justin Sweeney and Chloë King terrify KHS students for the scare cam. Background: After bringing pairs of participants into the studio, we told them that we would be having them react to different bits of social media. To their surprise, in the middle of their video, the lights...

Not-so-socially-acceptable media

Not-so-socially-acceptable media

Mimi Wright, editor-in-chief

February 1, 2016

If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. In elementary school, I was taught this little piece of advice to avoid petty fights with my friends on the playground. I was taught this little piece of advice in middle school when girls would be rude and not invite everyone to ...

Thank you:

Dr. Michael Havener, principal

TKC staff

December 11, 2015

For most students and faculty members, our publications are nothing more than the daily morning announcements, a visit to, a newsmagazine every three weeks and a yearbook once a year. However, for us journalism nerds, it’s a lot more than that. For us, SJ is a second home, a ...

Havener wins JEA Administrator of the Year

Havener applauds Kirkwood journalism during a small reception during first lunch Monday. His wife and two daughters were in attendance.

Ben Cohen, breaking news editor

August 26, 2015

Dr. Michael Havener, principal, almost let a call on his phone go to voice mail Monday night from a California number he did not recognize. Expecting it to be a telemarketer, it was actually someone from the Journalism Education Association (JEA) informing Havener he won 2015 JEA Administrator of the...

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