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Mimi Wright, in-depth editor

January 21, 2016

He eats meat and fish and gathers berries and nuts for survival. He lives off of a healthy dose of bright fruits and green vegetables. Though this may sound like a caveman, in reality it is Bob Becker on the Paleo diet. Becker, chemistry teacher, has been on the Paleo diet for about a year and a half now.  He heard about ...

What’s the deal with peels?

What's the deal with peels?

Holden Foreman, entertainment editor

November 13, 2015

Nature gives us much to take for granted, and its more subtle offerings suffer even more neglect than essentials such as air, water and light. For example, trashing billions of dollars of food has become second nature to Americans, and nothing illustrates this wastefulness better than fruit peels. Fruit...

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