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Good Eats: restaurants and wait times

Good Eats: restaurants and wait times

Quentin Stepp, sports writer

March 17, 2017

TKC rated each of these restaurants based on their wait time, quality of food, and the overall dining experience. The wait time is an average for weekends because that’s when the vast majority of people go. The food rating is based on the consistency of the food, the quality of it and how much I liked...

Iconic restaurants of St. Louis

One of the most famous custard places in St. Louis, Ted Drewes, has been around for over 80 years. The unique custard shop also sells Christmas trees during the winter season.

Julia Bailey, photographer

March 11, 2016

Throughout the years many St. Louis restaurants have turned into iconic landmarks. These landmarks have provided a sense of community and solidarity between the residents of St. Louis that has brought the city together. On Saturday March 5, 2015, Julia Bailey, photographer, went around St. Louis looking for ...

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