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Quiz: Which Netflix show do you belong in?

Take this quiz to find out which Netflix show your truly belong in. Art by Elena Sherwood.

Megan Glasgow, features writer

May 6, 2020

We’ve all imagined waking up in our favorite TV show, but have you ever wondered which one you actually belong in? Whether your calling is battling a demogorgon with Eleven and Mike or cruising through NYC with Chuck Bass, you definitely need to know which alternate reality fits you best. Since you’re stuck at home and you know you have nothing...

Sex in television

Only 13 (40/318) percent of KHS students think that television accurately depicts teenage sex lives.

Grace Klebe, news editor

April 9, 2019

33 seconds is all it takes for a topless sex scene between two high schoolers to begin in the first episode of Netflix’s new show “Sex Education,” a series about a teenager who starts a sex therapy business with two of his friends.  While your parents might be shocked by the nudity and mature c...

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