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Music to my ears

Madelynn Gartland and Avery Rhoades perform with School of Rock.

Paisley Regester, features writer

December 13, 2018

A passion for music can take many forms for students at KHS. Whether they are solo musicians, in bands or members of private music programs, performing both for online communities and live in front of thousands, these four KHS students never want to stop doing what they love: making music. Madelyn...

Over a mountain she climbed

Over a mountain she climbed

Ally Ortmann, features writer

May 2, 2018

With her blonde hair spread out on her pillow, the young girl stared at her ceiling thinking to herself. I imagine, she breathed, closing her eyes. Images of stages and tour buses, all-nighters and hastily scribbled song lyrics played like a film on the back of her eyelids. Creating visual art always came eas...

Crowd Hysteria

Crowd Hysteria

Mimi Wright, in-depth editor

October 6, 2014

No, not marching band. Not concert band. But an independent student band. The idea to form a band started with a shared place of learning music and a shared love of music among Hannah Scheidl, freshman, Ellie Huggins, freshman and Elaine Simmons, junior who make up three of the six-member band called...

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