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Classmates have a back-to-back conversation

Classmates have a back-to-back conversation

Jack Anderson, Sophie Chappell, Ally Ortmann, Ethan Peter, Anna Retzlaff, and Kiden-Aloyse Smith

October 26, 2018

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In this video, TKC and KHTV will have two classmates exchange a meaningful conversation back-to-back. Without the ability to see one another, these students have the opportunity to build a relationship without the bias of physical appearance.

Social experiment: scare cam 2

Kaitlin Kilby, video editor

October 30, 2014

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What’s in my hand?

Katie Woodruff and Annie Murphy

October 7, 2014

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With a cold, oily hot dog and a sausage-like egg patty, the challenge of “What’s in my hand?” gave students and teachers the chance to guess the gruesome object placed in their hand. Many were surprised with the “slimy” or “meaty” feel of the food that met their hand. We received various...

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