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Photo Gallery: Nature

Bumblebee is getting ready for summer by pollinating flowers.

Ella Sottile, photographer

June 11, 2020

As spring is right around the corner, nature is going into full bloom in preparation for summer. While people have been quarantining, the environment around us has gotten a chance to naturally grow in their own way without human interaction. Without as much human impact, our environment is thriving. As...

What type of flower are you based on your personality?

From a Daffodils optimism to a chrysanthemum’s adventurous spirit, one of these flowers is bound to share qualities with you.

Grace Fearheiley, web staffer

May 1, 2019

From a Daffodils optimism to a chrysanthemum’s adventurous spirit, take this quiz to find out which type of flower is most like you.

The sadness of spring

The sadness of spring

Brendan Davidson, sports writer

March 2, 2018

*This piece is entirely satirical I take a look outside. The snow is melting, the flowers are blooming and the weather is finally warming up. Disgusting. Spring is supposed to be a time of growth; a time of new life. Well, the emergence of spring certainly cannot warm my frozen heart. I wish wint...

Senseless spring

Senseless spring

Jack Rittendale, features writer

March 30, 2017

Clear blue skies and 70-degree weather sets the scene for the average spring day. Threats of snow storms dissipate and winter clothes get shoved to the back of the closet. It’s that time of year to let go of the winter blues and look forward to the coming season. Our community becomes more active and...

Spring superstitions

Spring superstitions

Maisie Bradley, sports writer

March 12, 2017

TKC asked eight student-athletes about their off-the-field efforts to ensure a successful spring season. Below are their responses. art by Lizzie Stobbe...

A Missouri spring through the lens of an antique.

A Missouri spring through the lens of an antique.

Chase Kilby, photographer

May 2, 2016

Flowers bloom, baseball begins and everyone is outside in Kirkwood, signifying spring has begun. Chase Kilby, photographer, walked around KHS and the Kirkwood community to capture spring in action. All photos were taken with an iPhone 4s.  ...

Spring and Summer Movies

Spring and Summer Movies

Mary Stuart Murray, News Writer

April 25, 2016

Grab some popcorn and Junior Mints;  it’s time for the movies. Spring and summer are always a time when new movies are released, and because school will be out  May 25, there’s plenty of time to see them all. Here are a few films to keep an eye out for in the months to come....

Top 5 Fun Spring Activities

Top 5 Fun Spring Activities

Matthew Capriglione, features writer

February 5, 2016

Spring is just around the corner, and the cold and dark months of winter are almost behind us. Now, we can enjoy some beautiful weather and awesome outdoor activities. Here are five great activities to enjoy the outdoors and spring, in general.   Top 5 Spring Activities:   -Take a hi...

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