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A new lease on learning

A new lease on learning

Holden Foreman, web editor

April 13, 2017

Erving Goffman, Canadian-American sociologist and writer, determined three targets of stigma: overt or external deformities, known deviations in personal traits and “tribal” affiliations. Yet, according to 53 percent of students (110/206), prescription medication usage is also stigmatized in American...

Suicide Awareness Week 2017

Julia Bailey and Daniel Paese

February 1, 2017

TKC put together a week to end the stigma surrounding mental health. There will be several activities to bring awareness to issues surrounding mental health from April 24-28.

Poppin’ the happy pills

Poppin' the happy pills

Anna Mullendore, health & wellness editor

February 28, 2016

“People with depression are just overly sad. Get some sleep, you’ll feel better. Depression isn’t really an illness.” These are just some of the misconceptions that lead to stigmas according to Tom Gaither-Ganim, KHS educational support counselor. These stigmas are apparent in both the mental ...

Above the stigma

Above the stigma

Kennady Wade, opinions editor

February 17, 2016

"Think about cancer. You and I could both have breast cancer. We could have the same kind, go through all the same treatment. You could get better and I could die, and it wouldn’t be either one of our faults...and we don’t blame each other. No one would blame you for living, no one would blame m...



Kennady Wade, opinions writer

March 11, 2015

The sinking feeling is constant. It’s been weeks since you have felt like yourself, escaping crowded rooms to cry alone before a tear is noticed has become routine. The fear of judgement holds you back. People wouldn’t look at you the same if they knew, you would be an artifact on display. This image...

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