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Valentine’s Day couples

Valentine's Day couples

Katie Judd and Abby Geisz

February 10, 2017

Jack Adams and Callie Mechelke, juniors photo by Chloe Hooker TKC: How long have you been dating? Jack Adams: Ten months and 20-something days. Right? Callie Mechelke: I don’t really know what the date is. That works. TKC: How’d you meet? CM: This is so complicated. Do you just wanna say math class? JA: Math class. CM:Freshman year, Kriewa...

Silver lining

Silver lining

Camille Baker, features writer

December 15, 2015

When 8-year-old Vanessa Gonzalez dreamed of becoming a horseback rider, she said she did not realize how much of an impact it would have on her, from the emotional attachments to the lessons it would bring. Before starting horseback riding, Gonzalez, sophomore, was enrolled in dance classes until...

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