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Lose the La Croix

Lose the La Croix

Benji Wilton, features writer

January 9, 2018

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It’s summertime. The sun is blazing, the grass is a sea of green and the pool feels perfect. There’s only one problem: you’re thirsty. As you examine the cooler hoping for a soda or a tea, you find that the only drink left is a berry flavored La Croix. As you reach for the can you think to yourself, “That doesn...

Call Ed: All bottled up

Call Ed: All bottled up

TKC Staff

October 24, 2017

Filed under Showcase, Staff Editorials

Here in Kirkwood, we are lucky to have high quality tap water that is safe for drinking, cooking and cleaning; according to the City of Kirkwood’s Annual Quality Report for 2016, there were no violations of the Department of Natural Resources’ regulations on water contaminants. If a student at KHS forgets t...

Beating the heat

Beating the heat

Anna Mullendore, Health & Wellness writer

September 10, 2015

Filed under Health + Wellness

Ahh, fall sports: where the sun blazes down on an athlete's shoulders at a scorching 95 degrees, hot enough to melt the soles of a cross country runner’s Asics right onto the pavement. Success on the team may not be predictable, but the degree of the summer heat is. Listed below are some tips to im...

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