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Smashing the glass ceiling: Annika Kline

photo by Mary Ralston

Adler Bowman, features editor

March 15, 2018

Annika Kline, sophomore, has always been a little off-beat. About 30 percent (10/33) of percussionist in the KHS band are female, but Kline is the only girl that played snare drum during the 2017 Pioneer Pride Marching Band season. Kline has been playing percussion since fifth grade, and she said that she is not surprised that she is outnumbe...

Smashing the glass ceiling: Romona Miller

Smashing the glass ceiling: Romona Miller

Thomas Birmingham, in-depth editor

March 9, 2018

Her stare is contemplative and loving. Thirty seconds go by before she finally looks to smile and compliment the student’s artwork. Their face lights up with pride. Her voice is commanding yet soothing. She finds a student with their head in their arms on the floor, crying. She leans down beside them to c...

Is it the White House or the wife’s house?

Is it the White House or the wife's house?

Anna-Claire Kilcoyne, features writer

November 4, 2016

The top 10 most influential First Ladies in U.S. history (from least to most): Abigail Fillmore (1850-1853) Abigail Fillmore had a great love of books, and this led to her creating the first White House library. She helped select which books would be included, overriding Congress' fear that...

Why I’m dumping Trump

Why I'm dumping Trump

Anna-Claire Kilcoyne, features writer

November 4, 2016

Note from the editor: This piece contains a quote with explicit language that may be considered offensive. TKC’s editorial policy states “The media will not print unnecessary profanity.” The editors decided this quote was necessary to illustrate the author's full intent and authenticity. Editors...

The latest luxury item…

The latest luxury item...

Kennady Wade, opinions editor

February 25, 2016

*This is a work of satire. There is honestly nothing more luxurious than the week girls are on their period. I mean, between debilitating cramps, bloating, floods every time a sneeze escapes and the occasional puking, it’s basically a breeze. There’s no better way than a period to inform girls they...

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