Results for student council and class office elections

Results for student council and class office elections

Anna Mullendore, features writer

Student Council President

Ross Rubright


Student Council Vice President

Tara Hawkins


2015 Student Council

Kevin Schulte

Kellie Walter


2015 Class Office


Jeff Kuziel


Vice President

Bridget Randazzo


Other Officers

Julia Bambini

Caroline Black

Kaya Crevecoeur

Joe Peters

Caroline Schumann

Madeline Smith


2016 Student Council

Annabel Dolan

Rea Bedalli

Sabrina Edwards

Andrew Holmes

Maddie Myers


2016 Class Office

Robson Ali

Julia Bruns

Meridian Buckner-Swain

Xorge Hernandez

Jared Hankinson

Kate Kemper

Mikki Philippe

Annisha Jones

Mimi Wright


2017 Student Council

Maggie Beckenger

Ben Cohen

Alison Pasierb

Emma Schulte

Lauren Pollmann


2017 Class Office

Anthony Borsa

Justin Sweeney

Nora Anderson

Cevon Seymour

Holden Foreman

Macy Robbins

Channing Woods

Audrey Kelly

Tiffany Jordan

Ali Randazzo