Jan. 14 Republican Debate


Max Shulklapper, copy editor

Fox Business hosted the first Republican debate of 2016 at 9 p.m., with each candidate jockeying for last-minute support in face of the upcoming party primaries. Notably missing from the debate was Sen. Rand Paul, who boycotted the night’s events after being excluded from the main debate, complaining that he’d been ignored by major media networks. Compared with last year’s GOP debate, leading candidate Donald Trump spoke fairly little, although the comments he did make fit his usual aggressive style.

Foreign policy issues dominated much of the discussion and the candidates were seemingly locked in a competition to be the most aggressive in regards to ISIS. With Rand Paul missing, the consensus on stage was overwhelmingly in favor of using greater military force against ISIS. Gun control was yet another major topic, with Sen. Marco Rubio commenting that “if [President Obama] could confiscate every gun in this country he would.” Responding to a recent controversy about his birth in Canada, Ted Cruz fired back against Donald Trump’s accusations that his birth disqualifies him from the presidency by announcing that while the citizenship rules haven’t changed, “the poll numbers have.” By the debate’s conclusion no clear winner had emerged, although the candidates all showed more solidarity than usual.