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Esports players compete on mobile devices, tablets, consoles, laptops and PCs.

Rated E: Esports for everyone

Tom Mueller, editor-in-chief February 28, 2021

It had been a summer of losses: losses of time for socializing with friends, losses of opportunities for outdoor exploration and losses in video game competitions. Yet on the eve of the new school year,...

Current school boundaries divide Meacham Park, a predominantly African American neighborhood, into three elementary schools, creating a social divide in the community. Art by Graesen Joyce

In-depth: Safety in numbers

Megan Glasgow, Kate Schreiber, and Graesen Joyce February 23, 2021

It’s 3:30 p.m. Across Kirkwood, KSD elementary schoolers go home, have their afternoon snack and run outside to play with their neighbors. The kids who live on Electric St. in Meacham Park ride the...

Ryder George-Lander (Left), Devon Bennett (Center) and Camden Davis (Right) standing together with their skateboards.

A skate park where all are welcome

Lila Shepard, features writer February 21, 2021

The sun is in his eyes and he is about to finally land the trick that he had been working on for weeks. He is excited to show his friends who are watching with anticipation until they notice a police car...

On Wednesday, Jan. 6, at approximately 7:30 p.m., three KSD schools were vandalized with racial slurs. In this article, TKC highlights five Black students connected to Kirkwood, who explain their thoughts and feelings regarding the hate crime and their feelings on Kirkwood’s action following the situation.
Art by Graesen Joyce

Black students’ perspectives on Jan. 6 hate crime

Maya Kim, Rachel Finan, Graesen Joyce, and Ella Davies February 19, 2021

On Wednesday, Jan. 6, at approximately 7:30 p.m., three KSD schools were vandalized with racial slurs. The already flooded comment section of TKC’s posts regarding the hate crime regained momentum after...

The Supreme Court case Hazelwood v. Kuhlmeier allows school administrators to have prior review and restraint on student publications. Now, there is no universal standard protecting the rights of a school newspaper in the United States.

In-depth: Speaking out around St. Louis

Kate Schreiber, features + in-depth editor February 15, 2021

Teen pregnancy, divorce, tattoos. Each of these topics have been censored at a school within 40 minutes of KHS.  The Supreme Court case Hazelwood v. Kuhlmeier allows school administrators to have prior...

Donald Trump won the Republican Party nomination in 2016, altering the partys national strategy.

DJT and the GOP: Trump’s impact on the Republican party

Daniel Tobias, political editor February 13, 2021

“We need to campaign among Hispanic, black, Asian and gay Americans and demonstrate we care about them, too. We must recruit more candidates who come from minority communities. But it is not just tone...

Christine Settembrino, professional dancer, instructs dance to various KHS students.

Not for the money

Ava Duggin, social media editor February 8, 2021

Christine Settembrino, professional dancer and teacher, walked out the stage door. She just finished a performance. All of a sudden, she noticed a young girl wearing the biggest dress she had ever seen...

Most students in the US dont have full First Amendment or press freedom rights on campus.

The road to students’ rights

Grace Marcus, features writer February 8, 2021

In 1965, in the middle of the Vietnam War, 13-year-old Mary Beth Tinker wore a black armband to school to mourn the lives lost on both sides of the war. The principal, learning of the students’ plans,...

While there is no published school board policy, KHS journalism is a First Amendment school by practice, allowing TKC writers to be the voice of Kirkwood students.

In-depth: Controversial freedom

Nicholas Whittington, features writer January 28, 2021

Thirty years ago, a single student newspaper caught in the middle of a free speech showdown captured the attention of the entire nation. In 1990, Planned Parenthood reached out to 80 high schools in the...

A.J. Titsworth is working to release clothes for his new brand: Prosperous.

Live long and prosper

Tom Mueller, editor-in-chief January 25, 2021

A.J. Titsworth, senior, released the first designs of his burgeoning clothing brand, Prosperous, to the business’ Instagram page Nov. 30. To Titsworth, the brand’s release is the culmination of years...

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