How to handle Friendship

How to handle Friendship

Ali Randazzo and Lindsay Huck

Minds wander during school from algebra inequalities to hair-dos, from atoms to pre-Friendship steak and mashed potatoes, from Spanish conjugations to DJ selections. Hours leading up to the dance, girls choke on hairspray while boys are strangled by bowties. Friendship memories are irreplaceable, but preparations leading up to the event are a cause of controversy.


Ali- If a guy is going to go ask a girl to the Friendship dance, they might as well show their excitement and go all out with their proposal. Flowers, creative signs or any kind of food will win over a girl’s heart and prepare her for a magical night.

Lindsay- Although it’s exciting for a guy to ask a girl in an extravagant way, a simple “will you go to homecoming with me” is just as acceptable. As a girl, I would rather a guy go all out with something bigger and more important, such as prom, opposed to an annual homecoming open to the entire school.


Ali- After spending hours of unsuccessful shopping, I have decided dress swapping is the easiest way to find a homecoming dress. Get a big group of girls together and make it a day of trading dresses. It will be a blast, not to mention it’s free.  If you are looking for a hassle-free homecoming this year, I suggest ditching the mall and borrowing a dress.

Lindsay- Buying a new dress is a thrill to many teenage girls, myself included, when it comes to homecoming, or any dance in general. I’ve decided that buying a dress is the way to go to be confident on the night of the dance. Although finding a dress can be challenging and stressful at times, it’s the most rewarding feeling when you find the perfect due to all of the hard work you put in to find it.


Ali- Although Friendship becomes magical when you have a date, spending the night with a group of friends would be just as fun. You and your buds can party on the dance floor without having to worry about keeping track of another person.

Lindsay- Going to homecoming isn’t all about having a date, but going with a date has its perks. When you go with a date, you get to buy a corsage, have someone to dance with and take pictures with. Although you will see people at the dance with their pals (which there is nothing wrong with), I personally think it’s more fun to go with a date.


Ali- I am not your typical, fist-pumping dancer. I enjoy flipping my hair and acting out the lyrics to songs and find it uncomfortable to dance like a lunatic in my own school, therefore prefer the dance to be held at Webster. Also, after spending five days at KHS, I do not want to go back on a Saturday.

Lindsay- Thankfully, homecoming is being held at KHS this year. Even though the switch in scenery can be interesting, I think KHS students would prefer our gym opposed to the sketchy Webster gym. This also gives students an advantage because they know their way around the gyms, and the Webster kids would most likely be completely lost. Having the dance at Kirkwood gives our students security and makes them feel more comfortable.