My go-to (girls) bathroom rankings


Natalie Hosto

A depiction of a typical khs bathroom, graffiti and trash everywhere.

I personally don’t like using school bathrooms, but sometimes it’s absolutely necessary. Since I don’t want anyone to spend their time using a bathroom that doesn’t provide maximum comfort, I did you a favor and visited them all.  Some smell amazing, some reek, and you’ll always know Mary Jane used the bathroom before you. No matter where I am, there are certain bathrooms that will always have a special place in my heart. So here are the top five you can count on to do your business. I can’t tell you about guys bathrooms, but the rankings for the girls are as follows:

1- Art hallway bathroom by Ms. Schnider’s room

This is the top tier bathroom. Versatile and useful, this bathroom embraces the perfect combination of privacy and spaciousness. You could go in here to unload a fat dookie or even have a rager with your friends. Locks on both the stall and door provide a perfect shelter for whatever purpose necessary. Whether you want a quiet, peaceful space, or one packed to the brim with people, this bathroom is perfect. 

2- Bathroom by the library 

When you are alone in the two-stall bathroom, you will most definitely find serenity. Stocked with feminine hygiene supplies and paper towels, it adds a sense of hospitality. The single sink and mirror provide for the perfect space to freshen up your hair of makeup. Coming here with friends isn’t ideal, but they can fit. There is no lock on the outside of this door, so whatever you do in there, beware, because you could have a visitor at any minute.

3- Second floor science bathroom

Even though this bathroom most often reeks of artificial fruity flavors or weed, there is something comforting about the graffiti and air fresheners scattered around this bathroom. When you are alone, it provides a 10/10 experience, but a person, or group could walk in and cause a scene while you are just trying to use the bathroom. This is the spot for random meetups. You never know who you will see here, which adds a bit of spice to your day. Overall, the stench and overflow of people may be overwhelming, so this one is just okay in my books. 

4- Commons bathroom (during classes)

The commons bathroom is by far the most spacious one, so bathroom gatherings with your friends are on top here. The big stalls provide privacy, and when you sit in the stall closest to the commons wall, you have just enough service to watch TikTok comfortably. The large counters and stock of feminine supplies also provide for some level of hospitality you cannot find at any other bathroom. One of the downsides to this one is the door opens to the busy commons, so everyone can see your business. This bathroom is also very messy all the time, and there is trash all over the floors, which never seems to go away. 

5- SJ bathroom (when it doesn’t smell like dookie)

Secluded enough to provide privacy but also spacious enough to hold people, the SJ bathroom is overall one of the nicer bathrooms. Most people never use this bathroom, but when someone is in the stall and you walk in, it can be a little awkward for all. Sometimes that bathroom smells absolutely foul, so my one recommendation for this bathroom is air fresheners.