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Grammy nominations 2018

Liam Jackson, entertainment writer | December 6, 2017

Seeing double

Charlotte Heinrich and Mary Frizzell

November 20, 2017

The first hour bell rings releasing you from the prison that is a high school class. You fumble with your backpack and try not to forget to grab your lunch as you and 20 others...

Things to do around St. Louis in the winter

Melanie Witt, copy editor

November 20, 2017

With winter approaching and temperatures drastically falling, it may seem as though you are stuck indoors for months. Thankfully, there are many different places located all...

Pion-Ear: Lil Pump

Daniel Kim, Feature writer

November 17, 2017

Lil Pump is stepping onto the big stage. At the age of 16, the South Florida native gained nationwide attention after releasing his mixtape “D Rose” on SoundCloud in 2...

Thanksgiving crafts and treats: Pinterest vs. reality

Maddie Meyers

November 17, 2017

We have all been there. We see an amazing masterpiece on Pinterest that is impossible to recreate. While I am no Martha Stewart, I think I am capable of following sim...

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TKC Podcast: The skin I’m in

Sha'Diya Tomlin, opinions writer

November 7, 2017

Sha’Diya Tomlin, Chandler Simpson, Nia Callion and Amellda Starks talk about their hair and why it is so important to black women and the struggles that come with weari...

TKC Podcast: video games

Daniel Stobbe, Chloë King, and Robson Ali

February 18, 2016

Daniel Stobbe, Robson Ali and Chloë King talk about the past, present and future of video games. This includes discussion of what they used to play, what they play now and...

Daniel Stobbe, Trevor Cleveland, Robson Ali, and Max Shulklapper

January 28, 2016

Daniel Stobbe, Trevor Cleveland, Max Shulklapper and Robson Ali discuss Sarah Koenig's recently popular Serial. This podcast goes hand in hand with Trevor Cleveland's story S...

Daniel Stobbe, Max Shulklapper, and David Reynolds

September 3, 2015

Max Shulklapper, Ashton Cowie, David Reynolds and Daniel Stobbe discuss today's political topics such as border control, taxation and the 2016 presidential candidates. Con...

TKC Podcast: Charity

TKC Podcast: Charity

December 15, 2014

TKC Podcast: Anxiety

TKC Podcast: Anxiety

November 19, 2014

TKC Podcast: “Age of Ultron” and the future

TKC Podcast: “Age of Ultron” and the future

November 13, 2014

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Student newspaper of Kirkwood High School.