Q&A with Tyree Fletcher

Tyree Fletcher, sophomore, said his proudest accomplishment was getting his drivers licensee.

Josie Baker

Tyree Fletcher, sophomore, said his proudest accomplishment was getting his drivers licensee.

This spring, Tyree Fletcher, sophomore, said he is trying something new. Fletcher had a change of heart after his friends noticed his speed on the field. He decided to stop playing football, with hopes to try track. 


TKC: What do you like to do?

TF: Outside of school I like to play football, play the game [and] drive. In school my favorite subjects are math and social studies.”


TKC: What do you like about those subjects?

TF: They are very interesting and fun to do. 


TKC: What do you like about playing football?

TF: The juking [and] running away from people. 


TKC: What’s one of your favorite memories with football?

TF: My freshman year when I played football [and] we won every game.


TKC: What’s your favorite fast food restaurant and what do you usually get there?

TF: Taco Bell and [I usually get the] Dorito taco.


TKC: Is your room usually clean or messy?

TF: “It’s always clean. I don’t like messy rooms because I don’t feel comfortable if it’s messy or dirty.”


TKC: Describe a memory that stands out and why.

TF: Going to Disneyland with my niece. We rode planes and helicopters. We did a lot.


TKC: What was your favorite ride at Disneyland?

TF: I don’t remember the name of it. It’s like the Batman [at Six Flags St. Louis], your feet hang off.


TKC: If you could drive any car, what kind of car would you drive and why?

TF: “[The] Dodge Demon [because] it’s fast and I like it. [The car] would be red or black, my favorite two colors.”


TKC: If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life what would it be?

TF: Hot wing fries and soda.


TKC What sports teams do you root for?

TF: I like the [Kansas City] Chiefs and the Golden State Warriors.


TKC: What is your favorite movie?

TF: “Home Alone.”


TKC: What is your dream job?

TF: I want to be an engineer to work on airplanes. [I want to] build my own [airplane].


TKC: What’s your proudest accomplishment?

TF: Getting my driver’s license. [I passed] my first time. [I’ve had] it for two-three months. I like to drive a lot. Sometimes I drive home, sometimes I drive to school [or] drive my friends to their football games.