“I Hate Hamlet” preview


I Hate Hamlet is the latest production being put on by KH players and will take place Sept. 25-27 at 7 p.m.

The story is about a TV actor from L.A. who gets casts as Hamlet in New York. He then rents an apartment in New York which was formerly possessed by John Barrymore. When he realizes he doesn’t want to play the part of Hamlet anymore, Barrymore’s ghost shows up and tries to convince to keep the role.

The play stars some of KHS’s best actors and actresses including Chris Nesbitt as Andrew Rally and Ross Rubright as John Barrymore. The actors auditioned in spring of last year.

“We have a choreographer who I have worked with before who is coordinating the fight scenes that go down between Andrew and John. It’s really cool to watch, and I think the actors are having a lot of fun with it,” Schnider said.

Schnider said she is hoping to get a big audience because the auditions were placed last year and they have been working on it for months. Tickets can be bought in advance. For more information click here.