BOE discusses Encompass Resolution, Prop R and curricula Jan. 10


Sophia Beckmann

KSD superintendent David Ulrich addresses the BOE at their work session Jan. 10.

On Monday, Jan. 10, the KSD Board of Education (BOE) met to discuss updates on Encompass Resolution, Prop R and curricula. In their update, BOE members emphasized that Encompass Resolution is still at the forefront of their minds. Dr. Howard Fields, Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources, brought attention to the Investigative Process Manual, which according to the manual, will provide “guidance for conducting internal investigations regarding allegations of KSD Board policy violations or other misconduct that are not specifically governed by KSD Board policies.” The Investigative Process Manual can be found on the BOE’s website.

Navigate Building Solutions and several architecture companies delivered updates on Prop R construction at the meeting. KSD CFO Mike Romay informed the Board that construction is currently under Prop R’s $61.3 million budget. Romay said the proactive planning of Navigate and the district’s design teams has allowed them to stay $580 thousand under allocated project budgets for now. Architecture companies that were awarded bids from the district to work on specific projects gave updates on each school. Minor changes from the original plan and more detailed construction updates can be found on the district’s website.

Projects already completed from the initial Prop R construction plans include a security office at the Essex entrance of KHS, ADA ramps at North Glendale Elementary and Robinson Elementary, HVAC improvements at several schools and a security vestibule at North Glendale Elementary. Westchester Elementary’s earliest addition and renovations are expected to be completed on Jan. 31.

KSD CFO Mike Romay informed the Board that construction is currently under Prop R’s $61.3 million budget.”

Romay also gave an update on renovations on the Turner Building, which was recently purchased by KSD to hold central office space. KSD Superintendent David Ulrich and BOE President Jean Marie Andrews reiterated that Prop R funds were not used to purchase or renovate the Turner Building. KSD plans to convert the building to hold a superintendent and communications department, finance department, human resources department and student services. Work will begin when the previous occupant leaves on Feb. 28.

Dr. Bryan Painter, Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction, discussed changes in the high school’s Childhood Development course curriculum. Along with updated learning objectives, students taking these courses will now have the opportunity to observe KSD Pre-K through 6th grade classroom environments. Students will gain experience in professional work environments and learn what it is like to have a career in education. Jennifer Pangborn, BOE member, said her son is in a classroom that high school students have observed. 

“He thinks it is so cool to have other Kirkwood students in the classroom,” Pangborn said. For more information regarding the high school’s Child Development curriculum visit the BOE’s website. 

Painter also presented the Board with data from a district-wide Nov. 2021 survey of teachers, students and families regarding school climate and sense of belonging in KSD schools. Specific data from Painter’s presentation can be found here.