What your orchestra instrument says about you


Caroline Darr

As a violinist, I have many opinions on instruments and their players.

As a violinist, I have many opinions on instruments and their players. I’m not saying I don’t see other instruments as inferior to the violin. But, I am saying that the people that play them fit a very particular niche. Sometimes I love playing an instrument, and sometimes I hate it. Either way, if you’re not a violinist,  I probably hate you.


If you play violin, your family probably praises you for every move you make in life. From concerts to winning a board game, everything “comes naturally” to you. Because of this, your ego inflates with every compliment. You like to brag about the microscopic things because, after all, the spotlight has always been on you. From getting gold pluses on your solo to being first chair, you boast about it all. 


There are two types of viola players: the ones that are so loud you cannot hear yourself think, and the ones that are so quiet you almost run them over while walking to the back of your section. There’s no in between. Regardless of which you are, you probably picked viola to be cool and quirky. While all your friends chose to play the violin, you wanted to be different and play viola. That’s okay though, maybe you really aren’t like the others, solely because of the fact that you play viola.


The cello is an interesting instrument played by interesting people. Again, there are two very recognizable types of cello players. There are the “my heart and soul is cello, I would absolutely die for it” players, which are the ones sitting alone at lunch trying to compose their own pieces. And there’s the “I’m just here for the credits and to do things that look good on applications” type people. Those are the cool ones. Whether you are the “cool” cellist or the “loser” cellist, you probably love talking to your people. 


If you have a laid back personality, you play the bass. You hate to be a part of the drama. You like living a secretive life. Being a hippie is part of your persona, so being introverted comes naturally. You dread the walk into the orchestra room and hate talking to other sections. You’d much rather mingle within your own, safe, group.  


Pianists’ mostly blend into the background of orchestral arrangements. They are used to being shy and, unlike violinists, are not the center of attention. If you play piano, you also need an activity to keep your fingers nimble and quick, so you’re probably a knitter. You feel a lot of resentment towards your parents because they forced you to play piano no matter how many times you begged them to let you quit. You long to be part of an actual ensemble, such as orchestra and band, because you are so socially deprived. 

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