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Spring orchestra concert

Spring orchestra concert

Claire Boysen, print managing editor

May 2, 2019

The last orchestra concert of the year is tonight, May 2, 2019 at 7 p.m. in Keating Theater. This performance will include the senior recognition as well.

Life as a teenage musician

Life as a teenage musician

Sophie Chappell, features writer

September 13, 2018

Once the clock strikes 2:40 p.m., students head home to complete their homework for the evening. Molly Prow, junior, faces a mountain of homework each night in addition to a time-consuming orchestral practice routine. Molly has been playing the viola since fourth grade. The instrument has taken her to...

KHS Orchestra Storms the Windy City

photo courtesy of Google under the Creative Commons license

Mia Alexander, Writer

May 21, 2018

Her fingers rapidly flipped through the pages of her music book, searching for the right starting point as the rest of the class clutched their bows into playing position. Lilly Van Rees, freshman, in the Symphonic Orchestra’s bass line, prepares to practice “Hoedown” by Aaron Copland. “Hoedown” is one of t...

Senior Profiles: Torri Weidinger

Senior Profiles: Torri Weidinger

Maddie Meyers, features writer

May 2, 2018

While most freshmen worried about their Geometry tests, Torri Weidinger, senior, worried about playing for Nelly. Feeling nervous, Torri focused on the abundant flowers and lights covering the room. Every year, Nelly hosts his Black and White Ball, a holiday party featuring artists like Nick Cannon and Nikko Smith. Torri plays cello for the St. Louis Symphony Youth Orchestra, and they selected her to perform at the ball with Smith’s ba...

Strings attached: grads return to teach orchestra

Strings attached: grads return to teach orchestra

Maddie Meyers, features writer

October 2, 2017

One devastated little girl glares up at an enormous cello, while another girl looks to the violin to escape the piano. Fariga Drayton-Conway, KHS Symphonic Orchestra director and 1995 graduate, originally played violin, but when she moved into the KSD, her teacher told her she was too tall and her h...

Senior Profile: Jack Tuchschmidt

Senior Profile: Jack Tuchschmidt

Will Drury, copy editor

April 25, 2017

The goal of the portrait of a Pioneer isn’t to be number one. Rather, it values honesty, diversity and the pursuit of excellence, and nobody better embodies those traits better than Jack Tuschmidt. Focused on always improving himself both mentally and physically, Jack said he understands that it doesn’t...

The cost of music: priceless

The cost of music: priceless

Thomas Birmingham, news-features writer

April 7, 2017

  Luckily, Proposition K has passed, but this story serves as a reminder of the importance of the measure within the school district. Right now, there are over 290 third and fourth graders scattered across the district with a growing sense of excitement about the upcoming school year. Their ...

Photo gallery: KHS Symphony Orchestra goes to NYC

The KHS Symphony Orchestra played four pieces in Carnegie Hall Mar. 5.

Kara Rieger and Malayna Vines and Jack Rittendale

March 16, 2017

One-hundred-six students in the Kirkwood Symphony Orchestra travelled to New York, NY to play in Carnegie Hall* Mar. 3-6. Patrick Jackson, Symphonic Orchestra conductor, has taught in KSD for 26 years and will retire at the end of this year. Jackson has taken the Symphonic Orchestra to play in NY three...

Orchestra winter concert Dec. 7

Patrick Jackson, orchestra teacher, makes an introductory speech while the symphonic orchestra waits to play their first song at the 2016 winter concert Dec. 7. Jackson included his goodbyes to the audience since this is his last year teaching at KHS before retiring. “It was great hearing everyone share their memories and stories about [Mr. Jackson’s] long teaching career,” Hailey Chellis, junior and member of the symphonic orchestra, said. “[Mr. Jackson] seemed really pleased with the concert. [The concert] was a phenomenal close to his time here at Kirkwood.”

Allie Hickenbotham and Jane Stewart

December 9, 2016

  The KHS Orchestra held their annual winter concert in Keating Theater Wednesday Dec. 7. The Concert and Symphonic Orchestra played that evening and performed in front of an audience full of parents, friends and alumni. Patrick Jackson, orchestra teacher, confirmed that he will retire this year after teaching for ...

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