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Cars rush by on the highway leaving trails of light captured by long exposure.

Top five photos of 2021

TKC Staff December 29, 2021

Throughout 2021 TKC's photography staff has worked hard to produce countless photos, used in galleries and stories throughout the year. In the opinion of the TKC staff, here are the top five photos of...

White people must continue to fight the comfort of their silence.

Call Ed: White people, you’ve had your rest

TKC Staff April 12, 2021

The dangerous power of white fatigue in the fight for racial justice, specifically through the fluctuating use of social media, goes beyond a yes or no question, and we wanted our process and editorial...

A.J. Titsworth is working to release clothes for his new brand: Prosperous.

Live long and prosper

Tom Mueller, editor-in-chief January 25, 2021

A.J. Titsworth, senior, released the first designs of his burgeoning clothing brand, Prosperous, to the business’ Instagram page Nov. 30. To Titsworth, the brand’s release is the culmination of years...

Malik Spinks, junior, takes part in the march.

Photo gallery: BLM march

Ella Davies, Sophia Beckmann, and Lawrence McKee January 20, 2021

In response to the recent vandalism of racial slurs spray-painted on Kirkwood High School, North Kirkwood Middle School and Nipher Middle School on Wednesday, Jan. 6, KHS students held a Black Lives Matter...

President Trump is known for being a frequent Twitter user, with the BLM movement being a hot topic in his social media posts.

Political Issue: How Trump handled BLM (a thread of tweets)

Sim Khanuja and Caroline Steidley October 21, 2020

Unless you lived under a rock this summer, you are probably aware of the thousands of Black Lives Matter protests that were held in cities across the world. You may have even participated in one yourself....

Students are overwhelmed by everything going on in the news and media

What’s on the mind of the students at KHS?

Kailey Shirrell, news editor October 20, 2020

The crushing hopelessness of seeing other people suffer, and knowing that you can do nothing to help them or change the situation. The wildfires in California are specifically scary for me. It stresses...

Protestors walk up Chopin street during the June 6 peace walk.

Letter to the Editor: Kenyon responds to “Kirkwood, we are the problem”

TKC Staff September 8, 2020

August 25 — TKC received the following letter from retired KHS history teacher B.J. Kenyon. The letter is addressed to the Call's editors. To read "Why Kirkwood is part of the problem," click here. Dear...

Black LGBT individuals struggled to be accepted in both social movements. Their identity as both a Black and LGBT person made them targets for criticism, abuse and discrimination.

Black and LGBT history: Forever intertwined

Olivia Silvey, opinions editor August 26, 2020

In history class, students usually learn about the civil rights movements of women, Indigenous people, the Black community and the LGBT community. However, students aren’t always taught that the histories...

Art courtesy of Byron Rogers, KHS art teacher.

Leading through a lens

Amelia Hurley, editor-in-chief August 24, 2020

“Your job as a teacher is to protect and educate these children. But when they die, you feel as if you’ve failed. In some ways, they are children of your own, but you can’t protect them from everything.”   Byron...

Art depicts a BLM protester holding a sign, as many did when people flooded the streets calling for action this summer.

Timeline of the Black Lives Matter movement this summer

Lydia Cohen, print + web managing editor August 24, 2020

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