Photo gallery: BLM march

In response to the recent vandalism of racial slurs spray-painted on Kirkwood High School, North Kirkwood Middle School and Nipher Middle School on Wednesday, Jan. 6, KHS students held a Black Lives Matter March. Organized by sophomores Kylie Madden, Bella Ruzicka, Peyton Nico, Liv Timp, Wyatt Byers, Aine Bradley, and Blake Sutter, the march occurred just a week later on Wednesday, Jan. 13.  The “march against injustice” protested “against the pervasive racism in our community”. Marchers organized at the Essex parking lot at KHS at 4:00 p.m. and marched to the Kirkwood Police Station. Marchers were asked to wear a mask ad socially distance.

“We thought it was necessary, as a community, to come together and explicitly say we are standing against this racist act of violence.” said Liv Timp, ” I just got the sense that everyone was really really dedicated to the cause and nobody was there just to say that they were there.”