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It’s not SAD after all

Singles Awareness Day isn’t limited to platonic or familial love— it can also be about pampering oneself, something many people forget about.

Catherine Butler, opinions writer

February 10, 2019

Over three quarters of KHS students have been missing out on an international holiday. So for the 76.5 percent of you (244/319) who haven’t heard of Singles Awareness Day, it’s time to celebrate. Don’t worry if you’re currently in a romantic relationship; there’s always next year. And that othe...

Play The Ace

Lany Borella, features

January 20, 2017

Run out of things to watch on Netflix? Don't have anything to do with your friends? Pick up a deck of cards and try out these few games. Golf: Objective: The point of the game is to end with the lowest score. A player’s score is determined by the total value of all their cards. Number of players...

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