It’s not SAD after all

Over three quarters of KHS students have been missing out on an international holiday. So for the 76.5 percent of you (244/319) who haven’t heard of Singles Awareness Day, it’s time to celebrate. Don’t worry if you’re currently in a romantic relationship; there’s always next year. And that other, lesser holiday, Valentine’s Day.

Singles Awareness Day, or SAD, is the day after Valentine’s Day. But before you can proudly celebrate your singleness, you must spend the 14th surrounded by crowds of couples eating at your favorite restaurants, cuddling in movie theaters, or picnicking at the park. There seems to be no escape from the romance, and it can be overwhelming or even a bit depressing to watch. But don’t let it drag you down. After Valentine’s Day is over, take full advantage of Singles Awareness Day on Feb. 15. Here are four of the most exciting ways to make SAD happy:

  1. Have a game night

One of the easiest ways to have fun is to throw a little party. Invite all of your single friends over for a fun evening away from all the hustle and bustle. Stock up on boxed chocolates (by Singles Awareness Day they’re all on clearance) and taste test truffles, caramels and chocolates galore. Set out your favorite card games that are sure to make people laugh, like Apples to Apples. If you have enough room (and trust your friends), have them invite a plus one or two. Who knows, you might even meet that special someone to share the next Valentine’s Day with.

  1. Little gestures

Who said roses had to be romantic? Send your family and friends flowers, candy or cards to show them your love. They’ll appreciate the gesture, and it gives you an opportunity to catch up with anyone you haven’t talked to in a while. Or, for those of you who are unsatisfied with the single lifestyle, just buy a bouquet for yourself. No one will know who it’s from, and you can make your crush (or ex, if you want to go down that road) jealous. If you’re feeling especially vengeful, write a sappy note for yourself to go with the flowers and make whoever you have your eye on feel like they have competition.

Whether it’s for yourself or someone else, get creative with your gestures. Write little poems to leave where people will see them; spell out words or names in conversation hearts; look through old photos and give a collage of them to someone. If you’re not inspired, try wandering through the aisles of an arts and crafts store, or just through Pinterest.

  1. Try something new

Taking a risk every now and then can be fun, even healthy. Unless, of course, it results in breaking a bone, eating something disgusting, or going to jail (keep it legal, kids). Trying something new can be as small as having a conversation with someone you don’t know too well, or it can mean something as big as planning an exotic vacation. Play a sport you’ve never heard of, or learn a phrase in another language. Swap playlists with a friend, or swap clothes if you have different styles. Ask a random person in the hallway what their all-time favorite book is, and read it. You could also try this with movies. Whatever new thing you try, it doesn’t have to last just one day. Redecorate your room. Take a swing dancing class. Start a gratitude journal. Really, start one. Studies show this can decrease stress, so it’s perfect for high schoolers.

  1. Treat yourself

Singles Awareness Day isn’t limited to platonic or familial love— it can also be about pampering oneself, something many people forget about. Make this day one to relax and de-stress. Have a spa day. Read that book your aunt recommended a while back. Do some yoga—or attempt it. Take a long, hot shower or bath. Shuffle your favorites playlist all day long. While you’re relaxing, turn off your cell phone. Your social media feeds will be filled with couples taking selfies, anyway. Keep in mind SAD can also stand for Singles Appreciation Day, so appreciate the freedom of being single.