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Families struggle to supply diapers for their children.

Charity Issue: One in two

Anna Kaiser, entertainment writer December 8, 2023

When choosing between diapers, food and medicine, many mothers are faced with the choice of leaving their babies in dirty or even reused soiled ones. Jerrica Franks, Community Engagement Manager, said...

Not your average mother

Not your average mother

Millie Reithel, Writer November 25, 2023

Facebook Mom: She’s the online version of a Karen. A middle-aged woman with kids, she rocks the infamous bob and spends every second of her free time online. She goes about her days harassing other moms...

Dana and Debby are cousins who grew up in the Kirkwood area. They occasionally get together at Kirkwood Park and, have a little fun.

Photo Gallery: VOK’s in Kirkwood Park

Cassie Sprang and Katie Bowers November 18, 2022

Kirkwood Park attracts people for several different reasons, especially during the change in seasons. Nancy, a woman walking in the park, says, "I came to take a walk since [it's] such a nice day." In...

LifeBridge charity is based in the basement of KUMC at 201 West Adams Ave.

Charity issue: Crossing the bridge

Ian Reno, news writer November 8, 2021

LifeBridge isn’t your typical charity. Its organizers look to change the way people do charity with the help of the Kirkwood community, including KHS students and staff. They’re starting small, but...

Ryder George-Lander (Left), Devon Bennett (Center) and Camden Davis (Right) standing together with their skateboards.

A skate park where all are welcome

Lila Shepard, features writer February 21, 2021

The sun is in his eyes and he is about to finally land the trick that he had been working on for weeks. He is excited to show his friends who are watching with anticipation until they notice a police car...

The house at 202 E. Adams Ave, built ca. 1913, that a local community bands together to restore.

A home for happiness

Clayton Caringer, Archives October 26, 2020
A local community bands together to restore the dilapidated home at 202 E. Adams
Needle in a haystack

Needle in a haystack

Ally Ortmann, features + in depth editor December 4, 2018

Chatter fills the Senior Hall as Principal Dr. Michael Havener, smiles and greets students. Hearing his phone ring, he diverts his attention to the voice on the other end of the line. The news he receives...

At the end of the pep rally, the KHS community comes together as a school.

Photo gallery: Pep Rally 2017

Kelley Cochran, photographer August 29, 2017


VOK: 1.8

VOK: 1.8

Matt Small TKC: “When did you stop believing in Santa?” Ki: “Actually when I was seven years old I had a stakeout and actually caught my dad in the act. So I went in my room and pretended to be...

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