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Needle in a haystack

Needle in a haystack

Ally Ortmann, features + in depth editor

December 4, 2018

Chatter fills the Senior Hall as Principal Dr. Michael Havener, smiles and greets students. Hearing his phone ring, he diverts his attention to the voice on the other end of the line. The news he receives knocks the wind out of him. He asks them to repeat. Everything, the bustle of heading to class,...


Carson Anderson, Quentin Stepp, Vivian Kutheis

December 15, 2016

    “We are just getting into the empty nesting. Our Kids are just moving out. We have three kids. Two are in college. They are coming home (this week). Gracie is coming home Thursday, David is coming home next week, and Patrick lives in town. It’s a tough adjustment and I don’t thin...

VOK: 1.8

VOK: 1.8

Matt Small, Jack Camenzind, Abby Geisz, Michael Galakatos, and Abby Christensen

January 8, 2016

Matt Small TKC: “When did you stop believing in Santa?” Ki: “Actually when I was seven years old I had a stakeout and actually caught my dad in the act. So I went in my room and pretended to be asleep, and it worked for a while. A couple hours later I went downstairs and I stayed down there and listened. Whenever I...

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