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Kirkwood High School student newspaper

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Kirkwood High School student newspaper

The Kirkwood Call

The George Robinson house, one of many historic estates in Kirkwood.

Archives: The history of Kirkwood homes

Clayton Caringer, archives editor March 17, 2021

It’s easy to forget that Kirkwood and its surrounding areas are as old as they are. Established in 1853, the city has changed drastically since it was established as a small farming community west of...

Protestors walk up Chopin street during the June 6 peace walk.

Letter to the Editor: Kenyon responds to “Kirkwood, we are the problem”

TKC Staff September 8, 2020

August 25 — TKC received the following letter from retired KHS history teacher B.J. Kenyon. The letter is addressed to the Call's editors. To read "Why Kirkwood is part of the problem," click here. Dear...

The team rallies and proudly waves their first district plaque.

Photo Gallery: Kirkwood varsity boys’ soccer vs. Parkway South Nov. 6

Charlotte Heinrich, editor-in-chief November 11, 2019

Kirkwood varsity boys' soccer beat Parkway South 3-1 Nov. 6, 2019 for the district championship title. According to Mark Corley, senior, the team's success comes from their morale. "We share the ball a...

A drive down N. Taylor Ave is a showcase of Kirkwood’s prime real estate. But for over six years, the nearly 2-acre lot where the historic house of 750 N. Taylor once stood, has been vacant.

Looking back on 750

Benji Wilton, print editor October 21, 2019
Since 2013, the lot at 750 N. Taylor where the historic W.F. Warner House stood, has been empty. Read this story to find out about the current state of the lot, and how historic landmarks are preserved in Kirkwood.
The Kirkwood Train Station viewed from the railroad tracks, ca. 1900

Kirkwood – Then vs. Now

Clayton Caringer, archives September 26, 2019
A short view of what Kirkwood looked like in its early years compared to how it currently looks
The rest is [valuable] history

The rest is [valuable] history

Maisie Bradley, public relations editor April 2, 2018

As he held the door open, I noticed the tie as quirky as his grin and heard him say, “Welcome to my world.” When I looked around the room and saw a stack of colorful hats and a globe painted on the...

From cows to credit

From cows to credit

Emma McNail, features editor March 8, 2016

Humans seem to have always needed a system of giving and getting; you give me this and I’ll give you that. However, over the past 10,000 years, forms of money around the world have come and gone here...

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