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Kirkwood High School student newspaper

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Kirkwood High School student newspaper

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Arthur Schrenk

Arthur Schrenk

Jane Roy, opinions editor May 10, 2023

University of Oregon Botany The air is warm and his hopes are high. As sweat drips down his face, his love for backpacking grows within each step. Arther has loved it since his first trip in the...

From the left, Harry Schwer and Staphanie Gorris, two KHS custodians.

Unswept heroes

Jane Roy, opinions editor April 7, 2023

Once 3 o’clock rolls around, the school goes quiet. The crowds clear, conversations cease and few remain. They aren’t in classes, or lecturing to the students; but they serve a different role. As they...

I want someone to take me out on a date, or maybe even ask me out in person. I know this seems like a lot to ask, but it’s really not.

Oldie but a goodie

Jane Roy, opinions editor February 7, 2023

Dear Gen Z,  Each and every one of us wants to fall in love. We want our true love's kiss and a happy Disney movie ending. But let's be real; do you know a single person who has that? Relationships...

Pommies have been told to “make it work” when trying to fit into a uniform made for a different body.

Top five opinions stories of 2022

TKC Staff December 27, 2022

Everyone has an opinion about something, whether it's controversial or not. Here are the 2022 top five opinions stories on the TKC website.     Call Ed: Mind over Matter - TKC staff Everyone's...

I wish she realized that although everyone is happy in heaven, she has plenty of time before she gets there.

Everyone’s happy in Heaven

Jane Roy, opinions editor November 28, 2022

“Mom, I want to go to heaven.”  I hadn’t eaten a sustainable meal for a week. Some sort of darkness was taking over my body, creating thoughts I wouldn’t wish upon anyone. “Please don’t...

Here are some alternatives to popular yet overpriced items I think you’d like.

Dupes to your favorite products

Jane Roy, opinions editor October 31, 2022

If you’re anything like me, you don’t care about the name on the tag, but rather the quality of the product: Hi, let’s be friends. Here are some alternatives to popular yet overpriced items I think...

Students are often disappointed when they find out KHS will not be holding a Powderpuff game, and will not be able to participate along with every other school.

Powderpuff: What’s stopping KHS?

Jane Roy, opinions editor October 20, 2022

As football season comes to an end, schools around the nation set up their annual Powderpuff game. If you’re not familiar, Powderpuff consists of upperclassmen girls playing flag football, while the...

Autry plans to major in biology on a pre-dental track.

Senior profile: Jaida Autry

Jane Roy, opinions writer April 15, 2022

College: Hawaii Pacific University Major: Biology   As school finishes up and summer rolls around, seniors begin “a new chapter of their life.” While some journeys start close to home,...

Adulthood is not determined by our age, but when we learn to mature.

Age of adulthood

Jane Roy, opinions writer April 1, 2022

Becoming a grown-up is more than a special birthday that determines when you’ve crossed over into adulthood. I mean, I've met an 8-year-old who is more mature than a 24-year-old “adult.” We don’t...

Sadly, PDA occurs at school on a daily basis.

PDA: Save it for later

Jane Roy, opinions writer March 6, 2022

PDA: public display of affection, or what I like to call, “making everyone around you feel uncomfortable.” Don’t get me wrong, showing affection toward your significant other is not bad. Whether...

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