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Erica Miget, art editor

March 9, 2017

Every year, students are assigned a locker to use as they wish, whether it be to store their books, lunch or athletic bag. As most students understand, their locker is always too far from their classes to even consider using. For some, it’s a godsend. The haven that is my locker has blessed me wit...


Annie O'Brien, features writer

March 9, 2017

I have had to sew each of the straps of my backpack multiple times. My locker, on the other hand, has been opened only once. I keep my binders, pencil case and lunch box in my backpack. I have never put a single book, jacket or bag in my locker. I have decorated my backpack with various pins and keychains...

VOK: inside the KHS library Q&A

VOK: inside the KHS library Q&A

Jane Stewart, Kate Hennessey, Audrey Berns, Ava Hughes, and Michael Galakatos

December 15, 2016

Audrey Berns TKC interviewed Janet Mees Reinert, librarian, about student involvement with the KHS library.   TKC: How long have you been working at Kirkwood as a librarian? “This is my second year as a librarian. I was a social studies teacher for a long time, I started way back in ...

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Michael Galakatos