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Shut up and run with me

Shut up and run with me

Anna Mullendore, features writer

May 3, 2015

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Anna Mullendore Recently I’ve been researching running. Now, I’ve always enjoyed running, but it’s never been a real passion of mine. I love the drive and devotion many runners have, and over the past week my head was been turning over ways to find this allegiance to the sport. Here’s a br...

Turkey Day Pump Up Playlist

Turkey Day Pump Up Playlist

Bradley Fargo, entertainment editor

November 26, 2014

Filed under Entertainment, Turkey Day Features

In preparation for this week of festivities, food and football, we at The Call have compiled a list of songs to get you ready for Turkey Week. Whether you’re getting ready to pig out at the Chili Cookoff, or just hang around the house, here are a number of songs to get you psyched for Thanksgiving....

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