Shut up and run with me

Screen Shot 2015-05-03 at 11.36.26 AMAnna Mullendore

Recently I’ve been researching running. Now, I’ve always enjoyed running, but it’s never been a real passion of mine. I love the drive and devotion many runners have, and over the past week my head was been turning over ways to find this allegiance to the sport. Here’s a brief synopsis of what I’ve found will motivate a person to achieve miles after miles of long distance running.

1. Set a goal.

No matter what you choose for your target, setting an appointed end result will motivate you to reach that objective. Effective goals include finishing a race in a realistic, yet challenging time, completing a half or full marathon or losing a fixed weight.

2. Commit to the goal.

If your goal is to run a mile every Sunday, do it. Consistency is the key to every good relationship, and running is just the same. You’ll find every excuse in the book not to achieve your ambition (‘it’s raining’ is not an excuse).

3. Make a playlist dedicated to running.

Creating a running playlist customized to your liking can help you tune out of the sound of your feet hitting the pavement, and into the rhythms of an R&B rap or the swell of a more serene tune.

4. Buy some new gear.

Purchasing new running clothes and gear to make you look like a pro can make you feel better about yourself and build confidence. Also, some Asics could be just the ticket to preventing blisters and sores from forming on your feet within the first week of training.

5. Get a running buddy.

Maybe a running friend can carry you along your journey to a healthier lifestyle. Racing down the sidewalk with another person can add the perfect competitive drive to keep going at their pace. Or maybe their huffy words of encouragement give you the strength not to walk or to attack the mountainous hill that lays ahead.