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Editorial Cartoon: Half-baked

Editorial Cartoon: Half-baked
Catherine Butler, copy editor April 25, 2020

Even though high schools across the nation have postponed or canceled their proms, this cartoon depicts what this year's spring might have looked like if COVID-19 never happened. For people like the character...

COVID-19 update: School cancelation, grading changes, event changes and more

Photo courtesy of Google Creative Commons License from the U.S. Department of State.
Emma Lingo, editor-in-chief March 23, 2020

As of March 23, KSD has officially closed until Wednesday, April 22. TKC spoke with KHS Principal Michael Havener about updates.  Food provisions  Until school resumes, students and families that...


The humiliation that comes with a public promposal rejection can sting, especially if the person asking spent a lot of money on it.
Catherine Butler, opinions writer March 29, 2019

He holds a giant stuffed bear in one hand and a sign in the other. The shiny white poster board decked out in bright block letters spells “Prom would be unBEARable without you.” As he approaches her...

Call Ed: Dancing and the reign

Call Ed: Dancing and the reign
TKC Staff March 8, 2019

As the unforgiving winter weather comes to an end, spring arrives, bringing about the annual conversation of prom. Whether it is shopping for a dress during class online, trying to find a date or planning...

Why senior year is the worst

Why senior year is the worst
Abby Geisz, technical web editor May 4, 2018

*This piece is entirely satirical Senior year really is the worst of them all. With all the special privileges and events, it’s just too boring.   Fall: Let’s start with the very...

2017 prom court announced

2017 prom court announced
TKC staff April 11, 2017

The 2017 prom court was announced April 11. The prom king and queen will be announced at prom, Friday, April 21.   Girls: Ali Randazzo Erin Kelly Audrey Kelly Noogie Griggs Frankie...

7 words 21 letters, say it and they’re yours: the guide to the perfect promposal

7 words 21 letters, say it and they're yours: the guide to the perfect promposal
Naomi Blair, news-features writer March 16, 2017

Though seemingly meaningless in comparison to deciding where one might go for college or preparing for AP testing, asking someone to prom is a major step in any teenager’s life. It takes self-assurance,...

Reasonable suspicion

Reasonable suspicion
Abbey Painter, web staffer May 24, 2016

Prom is a night many students look forward to and prepare for weeks in advance. Students work on finding the perfect date, the perfect dress or tux or the perfect ride. What some students do not realize...

Proposal or promposal?

Above is an image of Justin Hawkins’, senior, promposal to Amelia Dorsey, senior.
Alyssa Fox, web staffer May 12, 2016

The word prom, which according to Time Magazine originated in 1911, comes from the word promenade which is defined as a basic dance move in a number of dances including square dancing. KHS's prom was at...

How to: Posing for perfect prom pictures

How to: Posing for perfect prom pictures
Vivian Kutheis, web staffer May 10, 2016

When at a special event like prom, weddings or birthday parties, pictures are important for one reason: people love to reflect on important times in their life. When looking back at photos, hopefully happy...

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