KSD COVID update: 2021-22 school year plans


Hannah Banks

Along with the KHS senior parade, Principal Mike Havener plans for graduation and ther end-of-year events. Photo by Hannah Banks

Based on current COVID-19 trends and minimized transmission in schools, KHS Principal Dr. Mike Havener plans for many end-of-year events and a normal return to school next fall. Senior prom, the Gold K Ceremony and senior week activities have already been successful, according to Havener. Graduation will be held in the KHS Lyons Memorial stadium on May 8.

As of now, Havener said KHS students can expect to go back to previous years’ daily schedule of having all seven classes Monday, Tuesday and Friday with block days on Wednesday and Thursday. The block day schedule will return to normal as well, with classes one, two, five and six on Wednesdays and classes three, four, seven and homeroom on Thursdays. All five days of the week will be in-person learning.

Elementary and middle school families received a survey on April 21 to choose whether they plan to be in-person or virtual for the 2021-2022 school year. High school students and parents will receive a similar survey soon. Students can choose to be fully in-person, fully virtual or a blend of both for certain classes or days.

2,108 (84.3%) [elementary and middle school students] chose that they will be in-person next year. An additional 14.3% said they are leaning toward the in-person option.

Depending on the interest shown in the surveys, administration will decide to either offer virtual classes through KHS or through LAUNCH, a virtual learning program based in Springfield, MO that has been used by KSD since before the pandemic. 

2,518 (64%) elementary and middle school families have completed the survey. Of these, 2,108 (84.3%) chose that they will be in-person next year. An additional 14.3% said they are leaning toward the in-person option. Only 36 students across the seven elementary and middle schools are leaning toward or choosing to be completely virtual.

Regardless of the survey results, Havener confirmed there will be no “room and Zoom” options next year. Though KHS teachers may end up teaching a virtual section, they will not be instructing virtual and in-person classes simultaneously. Havener said the district anticipates masks being required for students and staff next year.

Havener also plans to have the fall pep assembly, activities night, Friendship Dance and Turkey Day football game next fall. He said all these events are set to happen right now, but could easily change as COVID-19 cases and protocols change over the summer. TKC will continue to update our website with the latest information on COVID-19 protocols.