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KSD updates visitor management system

The system will now print an ID sticker with the destination of a visitor.

Kate Schreiber, features writer

September 15, 2019

The Raptor Visitor Management System was implemented throughout KSD Sept. 3. The system will now require visitors to present a state issued ID when signing in.

Issues: Arming teachers

Issues: Arming teachers

Jack Anderson, features writer

October 24, 2018

  Virginia Tech. Stoneman Douglas. Sandy Hook. These are a few of 188 school shootings that have occurred since 2000. School districts across the country are now reevaluating their safety and security policies to adjust to the reality faced by American schools. At anytime someone can walk in ...

Cutting out safety

Cutting out safety

Izzy Colón, news-features writer

September 8, 2016

Coming back to her car after a long day at school, Melanie Seibel, senior, finds another dent on her car. Seibel’s car has been hit several times while driving in the Dougherty Ferry parking lot due to lack of traffic direction. Seibel sees this as an effect of two security guards, who used to be in charge of directing traffic, no longer w...

KHS implements mandatory ID policy

KHS implements mandatory ID policy

David Reynolds, copy editor

August 19, 2014

Say hello to more security changes. Starting this school year, all students and staff are required to wear IDs, but according to Levaughn Smart, coordinator of safety and security, the policy is nothing new. “If you look in the board policy, the ID piece has been in there for years, so it’s...

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