Construction at KHS


Ava McGovern

Construction continues at KHS for necessary security improvements. Construction will continue until October of 2023.

Big changes have been happening on the KHS campus, and for most people are in the dark as to what is being done. The construction is on Dougherty Ferry, specifically between the language and math buildings. There is currently a fence around the construction site preventing people from entering and disturbing the site. The project at KHS is due to a recent proposition, prop R being passed. The purpose of prop R is to better control the occupancy issue, and adjust school boundaries. Prop R plans to add more security to schools, this includes more security cameras and upgrades to KSD buildings.

Jim Tillerson, project manager, says that while there have been minor complications, everything has gone smoothly. He added details on the schedule of the project and the time-frame in which it should be done. 

 “Of course you have some glitches along the way,” Tillerson said. “We’re very close to being on-schedule.” 

Tillerson mentioned that they are creating three separate additions onto the existing high school and that this will be done in three periods of time. He said he is concerned for the well-being of the students here at Kirkwood during the construction. 

“The safety [of students] is my [biggest] concern,” Tillerson said. “I would advise [students] to view from a distance.”

— Jim Tillerson

Dr. Michael Havener, KHS principal, understands that the demolition has disrupted the learning atmosphere. Havener said the noise from construction should decrease significantly now and maybe even stop . 

“I think that the major items that were going to cause a lot of noise are pretty much over,” Havener said. “You see some things starting to [be] built, and that’s not as noisy, but is still noise.” 

Havener said there will be a new building off of the existing science building that will house ten new classrooms. The current main office and nearby grade-level offices, including the nurses office and faculty room, will become additional classrooms as well. The majority of the project should be finished in October of 2023 but the new main office is expected to be done by the end of this school year or over the summer. Havener said that construction is two to three weeks behind schedule due to minor difficulties, but thanks everyone for being so understanding. 

Audrey Coats, senior, said she has to deal with the changes in parking on the Dougherty Ferry lot caused by the construction. Changes in the Dougherty Ferry parking lot include students having to enter into a different entrance due to the location of the construction.

“We could get marked tardy for not being able to find a spot, or get a parking ticket,” Coats said. “It’s more stressful.” 

Coats said she is conflicted because the teachers need parking spots too. She said students have consequences for being late to class, and Coats herself has been late before due to not being able to find parking. 

“I get that teachers have to have somewhere to park,” Coats said. “I have a second class which is hard to find parking because everyone’s already in school.”

Coats said she dislikes the absence of communication of information that she feels the students deserve to know. Coats says that she is personally frustrated and feels that knowing this information could be useful. 

“I think it would be nice if they really shared what was actually going on with [the construction],” Coats said. “So then we aren’t so frustrated.” 

Administration reassures students that, although right now challenges may arise, the renovations will bring major security improvements for KHS. Until then, students will have to deal with the construction on campus.

“In the end we’re going to be better,” Dr. Havener reassures. “Right now it’s going to be a pain.”