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Being fwb, or friends with benefits, has become a new normal for teenagers  looking for the benefits of a relationship without the commitment.


Kinley Bokermann, sports editor March 6, 2022

Ross and Rachel. Nick and Jess. Cassie and Nate. What do all of these people have in common? Three words: friends with benefits. There’s only one thing you need to know — it rarely works out. Being...

COVID-19 was unexpected, but it led Hannah Wagganer to expand her passion for being a caring person.

A caring soul

Kylie Madden, features writer December 16, 2021

People are Hannah’s passion. When she’s not with people at school, Hannah Wagganer, junior, takes every opportunity to be social. Her phone is filled with pictures of her friends, documenting every...

Along with being a Boy Scout and future engineer, Max Wellman, junior, is a member of Equations Club.

Q&A with Max Wellman

Megan Glasgow, editor-in-chief November 2, 2021

Max Wellman, junior, has a bookshelf lined with trophies: childhood soccer and baseball trophies, Kirkwood summer swim team awards, a third place trophy in the Nipher-North Math Competition. But Wellman’s...

Electronic dance music has become one of Matthew Maneys big hobbies.

Matthew Maney

October 28, 2021

Matthew Maney, senior, has grown to love electronic dance music (EDM), which allows him to create quality music in a modern way. EDM is made up of a range of electronic music genres and is usually played...

Gia Borbonus looks to dominate on the field once again this year.

Gia Borbonus

October 21, 2021

Being a part of the Lou Fusz Girls academy and Young Democrats club give you a small look into the active life of Gia Borbonus, junior. Coming from a family where her older sisters played soccer when they...

John sets aside 20 minutes each night to smoke marijuana, a habit he started when he was in eighth grade.

A day in the life: Anonymous

Megan Glasgow, features writer March 2, 2020

“If I were to explain to someone what [smoking] weed felt like, it would be like carbonated water,” John* said. “It’s fizzy. You feel kind of bubbly. You talk too much, you laugh too much....

Custodian Deborah Stovall’s laugh echoes as she jokes with her co-workers and goes about her daily routine— maintaining a clean learning environment for almost two thousand students.

After hours: A day in the life of a KHS custodian

Molly Higgins, opinions editor February 25, 2020

The hallways of KHS are empty. It is a Friday afternoon, and students have gone home to relax after a long week, but the janitorial staff’s day has barely begun. Custodian Deborah Stovall’s laugh echoes...

The truth is you will turn into your parents and there’s nothing you can do about it.

The Brain Issue: The apparent reality

Lily Bartin, vok editor November 10, 2019

This piece is entirely satirical. Some people believe nature shapes you and genetics alone determine who you are. Others claim nurture is a bigger factor and your environment shapes you. More than anything,...

Jake Hausler, Mary Institute and Saint Louis Country Day School (MICDS) sophomore, knew he was different since kindergarten, and testing confirmed he had HSAM in 2013. In 2014, his family shared on “60 Minutes” that they realized he had more than just a good memory when he recalled details about the exact day their dog threw up a year later. 

The Brain Issue: An unforgettable memory

Maddie Meyers, editor in chief November 4, 2019
Imagine waking up and remembering what happened on a random day 12 years ago – not just main events, but specific details.
Discover out-of-the-box ideas on how to keep your mind sharp and ready for anything.

6 ways to improve your brain

Olivia Silvey, opinions writer October 24, 2019

As high schoolers, keeping our brains healthy might be the last thing on our minds (no pun intended). Clubs, sports, friends and homework are first priority, so there’s not much time to worry about the...

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