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SJ. Some people might see it as a normal classroom, but  for me, it constitutes so much more. It represents The Kirkwood Call.

Senior column: Henry Chappell

Henry Chappell, sports editor May 5, 2022

College: University of Missouri  Major: Sports Media “The best journalism respects the infinite dignity of the individual, and the unique blend of thoughts and feelings that go into that real,...

Almost all of my close friends have been involved in journalism, basketball or baseball. That’s not a coincidence.

Senior column: Hayden Davidson

Hayden Davidson, editor-in-chief April 27, 2022

College: Vanderbilt University Major: Neuroscience Where does personality come from? What makes you who you are? AP Psychology will tell you it’s some combination of innate characteristics, parenting...

As a freshman, I never imagined that a lecture hall filled with 70 students and my adviser could become my second home. But here I am, actually wishing I could stay in high school just to be with my TKC family a little longer.

Senior column: Amelia Hurley

Amelia Hurley, editor-in-chief April 28, 2021

College: University of Missouri Major: Journalism   At the beginning of quarantine, I worked diligently on all the wrong things. Instead of focusing on homework like a responsible student,...

Photo courtesy of Google under Creative Commons liscense

Speech Talks: Diversity

Anthony Speech, assistant public relations editor January 28, 2019

*Disclaimer: TKC understands the potentially offensive nature of the word choice in this article. After staff discussions and legal advice from the Student Press Law Center (SPLC), we decided to support...

Exploring KHS

Maisie Bradley, sports writer February 16, 2017

Join TKC’s Maisie Bradley, Adler Bowman and Matt Capriglione on a thrilling adventure as they travel to unexplored places on the KHS campus. Watch this never-before-seen footage of the roof, boiler room...

Winter break poll: what are you looking forward to?

Winter break poll: what are you looking forward to?

Chase Kilby, photographer December 8, 2015

 Answer the following questions to find out what people are looking forward to (and not looking forward to) over winter break, after deciding for yourself.

What are you afraid of?: List of the most common fears

What are you afraid of?: List of the most common fears

Matt Small, web staff November 13, 2015

  While Halloween may be over, many everyday people still have to struggle with debilitating fears. These people suffer from phobias, disorders that induce extreme fears. There are hundreds of...

PERMITTED USE: This image may be downloaded or is otherwise provided at no charge for one-time use for coverage or promotion of National Geographic TEDxDeExtinction Event and the National Geographic magazine feature dated April 2013. No copying, distribution or archiving permitted.  Sublicensing, sale or resale is prohibited. 

REQUIRED CREDIT AND CAPTION: All image uses must be properly credited to the relevant photographer, as shown in this metadata, and must be accompanied by the provided caption. Any uses in which the image appears without photographer credit and a caption referencing NGM and/or TEDxDeExtinction are subject to paid licensing. 

You MUST follow these requirements if using the images: 

1. Include mandatory photo credit with each image
2. Show the April cover of National Geographic somewhere in the post (credit: National Geographic) 
3. Provide a prominent link to 
4. Reference the April issue of National Geographic magazine somewhere in the piece. 
Extinct Species That Could be Brought Back – from the NG DeExtinction site 

Photo by Jonathan S. Blair/National Geographic
A museum worker inspects a replica of a woolly mammoth (Mammuthus primigenius), a species that went extinct 3,000 to 10,000 years ago. In March 2012, scientists in Russia and South Korea announced a partnership to try to clone the mammoth and generate a living specimen

Mammoth madness

Chloë King, web staff April 27, 2015

Most people have seen Jurassic Park, but if you haven’t, here’s a quick run down. A bunch of phoney science is used to mix insect DNA with dinosaur DNA, and this full set is used to make modern...

TKC Podcast: Charity

TKC Podcast: Charity

Bradley Fargo, Lucy Waldemer, Ethan Cost and Alexa Kannenberg address the issue of homelessness in the Saint Louis area and how the public views them. They also discuss the newest issue of The Kirkwood...

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