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Nineteen stories from COVID-19

The Kirkwood Call and Pioneer Yearbook staffs have worked together under the Kirkwood High School Journalism Partnership to produce this special issue.

The KHS Journalism Partnership

May 23, 2020

In light of this unprecedented public health crisis, The Kirkwood Call and Pioneer Yearbook staffs have worked together under the Kirkwood High School Journalism Partnership to produce this special issue. ...

Voices of Kirkwood: COVID-19

Come together as a community and submit your COVID-19 stories to TKC's Voices of Kirkwood.

Olivia Silvey, Kate Schreiber, and Audrey Blaine

April 30, 2020

Tell us about your quarantine/COVID-19 experience. We want to provide a space for Kirkwood to come together. Whether it’s from your bedroom, your front yard or online, we want to hear about your times in quarantine.  Send us a photo of the view from your workspace. Share a hopeful story. Pose ...

VoK: LaTanya Caffe

LaTanya Caffe, senior, described the meaning behind her tattoos and fingernails.

Lily Bartin, VoK editor

February 24, 2020

“My first tattoo I got after I turned 16. It says with pain comes strength. I got it for my cousin after he was hit by a car. He didn’t survive. That was something that really took a toll on our family. Everybody said he was the glue that held us together. And I feel like, with a lot of pain, we be...

VoK: MariJo Arthur

MariJo Arthur, is fighting cancer for the second time at age 71.

Lily Bartin, features writer

November 29, 2018

Walking around Downtown Kirkwood on a rainy Saturday afternoon, I had little hope of finding anyone with a story to tell. I ducked into Great Harvest Bakery to escape the downpour. Scanning the café, I noticed a woman eating alone. After deciding to approach her, I immediately changed my mind not t...

VoK: Mass shootings

VoK: Mass shootings

Claire Boysen, features editor

March 2, 2018

TKC asked KHS students about how they felt after hearing about the school shooting in Parkland, Florida. photo by Claire Boysen “Of course I was sad," Abigail Dowell, sophomore said. "I don't know how else to feel. I definitely think it's very sad that the parents had to get that call about the kids and it was probably ve...

VoK: Women’s March to the Polls Chicago

VoK: Women's March to the Polls Chicago

Maddie Hawes, web editor

February 2, 2018

TKC visited the Women's March to the Polls in Chicago and asked marchers to share why they marched Jan. 20, 2018.  

VoK: Black Friday

VoK: Black Friday

Charlotte Heinrich and Hannah Cohen

November 28, 2017

Nancy with granddaughter Kennedy “My husband is in the hospital and has been there for 11 days, and will be there for a few more,” Nancy said. “We’re getting all the things that we need. We won’t have him with us. It’s really not Black Friday shopping. [On Thanksgiving], we got really...

VoK: Tacky Day

VoK: Tacky Day

Emma Lingo and Ally Ortmann

November 20, 2017

Julie Healey “I never pass up a chance to wear fashion-forward outfits,” Julie Healey, librarian, said. “[My chicken feet shoes] are hard to wear, but they are noticeable. Orange is a glorious color and I look forward to being able to wear orange [on Tacky Day] every year.” John Longti...

VoK: 10.17.17

VoK: 10.17.17

Annie O'Brien, Megan Cleveland, Jack Rittendale, Celia Bergman, and Sarah Nash

October 17, 2017

Annie O'Brien Kathy Grimes “We’re at Lowe’s. We’re buying a little bit of everything. We’re going to paint a guest bedroom and we’re Irish so we’re going to do orange, green and white stripes on the wall. I’ve only been to Ireland once and it’s just gorgeous. Just bring a raincoat.”...

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