Student voices of Kirkwood: Return to school

TKC asked students to share their thoughts about returning to school.

Photo courtesy of Grady Ashley.

Grady Ashley Sophomore

TKC: How was freshman year regarding school?

Grady Ashley: Grades-wise it was good, but it [wasn’t social]. There was no one to talk to, [and] even if there was, they had a mask on, you could hardly hear them, and you couldn’t get too close. It just felt like the vibe was severely lacking [and] the atmosphere was depressing.


Photo courtesy of Morgan Barthelmass.

Morgan Barthelmass • Sophomore 

TKC: What activity that you missed out on last year are you most excited for this year?

Morgan Barthelmass: The school aspect [of last year] was fine. We were in school learning, which is what we were going to do anyway. [This year I’m excited for] meeting new people and being able to talk to people in classes instead of walking into a class and going straight to your seat. [I’m looking forward to] being able to carry those friendships outside of school.


Photo courtesy of Sophie Clancy.

Sophie Clancy Junior 

TKC: What are your initial thoughts about going back to school? 

Sophie Clancy: Last month or two months ago, I would have thought it’s OK to return to normal, but now because of the [Delta] variant, I’m changing my opinion. Maybe we should keep it normal with masks and barriers.


Photo courtesy of Hannah Maschmann.

Hannah Maschmann Junior 

TKC: What are your general thoughts about going back to school? 

Hannah Maschmann: I don’t know what it’s going to be like when we’re going back. It’s important that the school keeps up-to-date with all of that just to make sure everyone is safe. Even if it does get confusing, they should be constantly updating the policies with what the CDC [and St. Louis County] recommend so that we can all go to school, be safe and not have to worry about COVID-19 tests every week.


Photo courtesy of Kathryn Keefe.

Kathryn Keefe Senior 

TKC: What do you think will be the biggest difference from the years before COVID-19? 

Kathryn Keefe: Some people didn’t go to school at all last year so people are going to be hesitant to go at all. Activities are going to be more strict as to who can go to them and what we can do while we’re there.


Photo courtesy of Andrew Morton.

Andrew Morton Senior

TKC: What are your initial thoughts about going back to school? 

Andrew Morton: I’m really excited to have a very different senior year than what the class ahead of us had. We missed out on a year of high school. You only go through high school once in your lifetime so I’m hoping this year will live up to what a lot of people are hoping it will be. I’m hoping we can keep the COVID-19 restrictions and still be able to have a normal year.