Answers to the love and hate crossword


1. Spray Tan – Many girls love to get these before school dances. 

5. Ice Cream – This is the best food to enjoy with your friends after a breakup.

9. Canceled – This is a term thrown around all over the internet, potentially ruining lives. 

11. Snow Days – Something that every student and teacher looks forward to by putting their PJs on inside out and freezing an orange.

12. Webster – This school boosts our ego when competing against them in sports, especially football (and pretty much everything else).

14. Website – TKC’s __ publishes all of these stories and more (shoutout).

16. Candy Hearts – The trademark candy of Valentines Day.

17. The Notebook – Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling star in this famous love story. 

19. Pioneer Perks – We wish that this served coffee all day, rather than just through third period. 

20. Skinny Jeans – A fashion choice that is hated right now, and is said to never come back in style.



2. Moon – I love you to the __ and back.

3. January – The dreariest month of the year. 

4. Kanye West – This is a famous celebrity we love to hate, for good reason. He also had four kids with the second woman to wear Marilyn Monroe’s dress.

6. Pictures – Looking at these can remind us of loved ones. 

7. Internet – Your phone loses this the second you step onto the KHS campus. 

8. Blocked Games – When bored in class, it is not an option to play ___.

10. Horror – A common movie genre for first dates that gives you an excuse to get up close and personal with your date.

13. Cupid – The little guy who shoots people with arrows to make them fall in love.

15. Schoology – The system our school uses for homework and tests, and takes away our free time.

18. SOS – SZA’s new album that is breaking the charts.