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Beat of the Week: Levels (In Reverse) (George Monev Remix)

By Ben Kothe

Over the past few months, it seems like there has been a never-ending torrent of remixes of Swedish DJ Avicii’s “Levels.” Well, producer George Monev has managed to blow most (if not all) of them out of the water with his creative twist to the explosive party anthem.

It’s backward.

That’s right; Monev has spiced things up by playing the bulk of the original track backward, adding in a few of his own creative elements along the way. And if you haven’t gotten sick of the over-used Etta James “Good Feeling” sample, you’ll love this remix even more. It’s just as catchy as the original, maybe even more so.

You can listen to the song now and download it for free by using the Soundcloud player below.

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